Issues with Absentee Ballots in Washington County

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Election day is still a few weeks away, but many people have already cast their vote with an absentee ballot.

But if you're planning to vote this way, there are a few things you need to be careful with.

Officials at the Board of Elections in Washington County say they've received some applications with no phone number or e-mail address, which makes it difficult to contact people about their applications.

They also say if you're waiting to get your absentee ballot, don't try to vote at the courthouse, just wait on the ballot to come to you.

"We understand some people are taking vacations and need to get it done before they leave town. We're glad to address those people, but if you've got time to let it work here just try to be patient. We'll be getting to you," Peggy Byers, director of the Board of Elections, said.

If you'd still like to use an absentee ballot to vote, you need to request an application by November 1st.

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