More College Students Voting in Ohio

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Officials at the Ohio Secretary of State's office say they're expecting an historic turnout this year, and one reason for that may be college students.

Voting advocates say more out-of-state college students in Ohio have registered to vote in Ohio, rather than in their home state.

We talked to out-of-state students at Marietta College to see why.

College is all about new faces and new places.

Florida native Sergio Birch is definitely in a new place, and wants a say in whose new face makes it to the white house.

"We're our future and a lot of the decisions that will be made by the future president is in our hands," Birch said.

So a vote that would count for Florida, is now another vote for Ohio.

"Ohio is always a big state that they're looking at. It's one of the bigger states," Birch said.

Which is why Birch and other out-of-state students are glad to make the switch.

"Ohio has more of an impact on the outcome of everything," Gary Hochstein, from West Virginia, said.

While some out-of-state students feel their vote will have a bigger impact in Ohio, others say it's just more convenient.

"It's just being able to vote without driving ten and a half hours. Five hours there and five hours back, so it doesn't matter where it is as long as we're voting," Andrew Lamb, from Maryland, said.

Raising the number of Ohio voters one college student at a time.

More than eight million people are registered in Ohio.

The state is expecting more than an 80 percent turnout of voters in this year's election.

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