High School Students Experience "Drinking" and Driving

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One law that's always being drilled into the heads of high school students is "don't drink and drive."

Today the Sober Program along with State Farm Insurance gave students a hands-on experience of what it's like to drive after drinking alcohol.

All Wood County driver's education classes got the chance to get behind the wheel while wearing "drinking goggles" that impairs a driver's vision similar to the way alcohol would.

"They see it with these goggles on. It's very difficult to get through a real simple course. They knock the cones over. They're parallel parking and they run into the curb. When they do the field sobriety testing, they can't stay on the line," Kelly Shook, Sober Program Project Coordinator, said.

The driving course is offered every spring and fall to all driver's educaiton students in Wood County.

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