Crowd Reacts to Sen. Biden's Speech

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As Senator Biden spoke Tuesday night, thousands of people from the Mid-Ohio Valley listened to what he had to say.

It was big night for the town of Marietta as people of all ages crowded together to get a glimpse of a man who may be the nation's next vice president.

"I thought he was excellent. I think he energized the crowd, and he spelled out the differences between the McCain/Palin ticket and the Obama/Biden ticket," "Elinor Payton, an Obama/Biden supporter, said.

Leaving Obama/Biden supporters even more hopeful of a democratic victory.

"Fantastic. He's one of the greatest, and he's gonna be a great vice president," Henry Hunter, another Obama/Biden supporter, said.

And what really got the crowd going was the content of Senator Biden's speech.

"He hit on a lot of issues that I wanted to hear just as far as middle class and where we're going as far as working, jobs and the job market, so he hit on a lot of things that I wanted to hear personally," Khayyam Payton, another Obama/Biden supporter, said.

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