30th Annual Harvest Of Opportunities 2011 Auction

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The Blennerhassett Hotel was packed Saturday evening, full of people looking to make a difference in the lives of those with disabilities at the 30th Annual Harvest Of Opportunities 2011 Auction.

Organizers say money raised at the auction will help meet SW Resources mission statement "to provide vocational services, employment and other opportunities for individuals who have disabilities enabling them to achieve their full potential." Which, they add, would not be possible without the community.

Without the volunteers, putting in countless hours, we wouldn't be able to support SW Resources the way that it deserves to be supported," says Vice President of Development and Rehabilitation, April Pennell.

"I just feel blessed that we are supported this much," says Ben Summers, Sales and Marketing for SW Resources. "I can just see how much that we are loved and supported by this community and we promise to keep working just as hard."

This years auction was dedicated to Sammy Burdette who, for 40 years, has dedicated herself to service at SW Resources.

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