Parkersburg Residents Seek Permission To Appeal Denial Of Class-Action Lawsuit

Lawyers on behalf of Parkersburg residents are asking a Federal Appeals Court for permission to appeal a decision regarding a lawsuit filed against DuPont.

The group claims the city's water was contaminated by a chemical the company uses at its Washington Works plant to manufacture Teflon.

Last month, US District Judge Joseph R. Goodwin ruled the residents could individually sue DuPont, but he couldn't certify the case for class-action status on the basis of potential harm.

DuPont has already settled a 2001 class-action case involving the chemical c8 with residents living in six water districts, near DuPont's Washington Works plant.

The request was filed with the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday.

In a response released by the company Thursday afternoon, DuPont says it believes Judge Goodwin made an appropriate ruling denying the case against class certification, and it believes the plantiff's request for permission to appeal is without merit.

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