Local Reaction to Presidential Debate

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Wednesday night marked the final face off between the two presidential candidates, senators Barack Obama and John McCain.

But some may wonder just how much of an impact the debate has on the actual election.

"I'm sure they'll both try to do the best they can. I'm just not sure who to vote for yet," Richard Dakin from Parkersburg said.

So to help with his decision, Dakin watched John McCain and Barack Obama battle it out one last time.

"It seemed like they just talked to same stuff over and over. I really didn't get nothing out of it," he said.

With election day being so close, and many people already having their minds made up on who they want to vote for, some say this last presidential debate is not a deal breaker.

"It doesn't affect me that much because I pretty much knew who I was going to vote for," James Sager said.

"Really it doesn't make any difference in my decision making, and I pretty much watch them just out of curiosity to see how it goes between the two of them," Shirley Numrich said.

Two candidates with one goal....

"I already had my mind made up," Rick Brown said.

...and many people already knowing which team they're on.

Election day is still a couple of weeks away, so it's okay if you haven't made a decision yet.

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