Season for Protecting and Growing Plants

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With the weather changing and nights getting colder, people are starting to think about protecting their plants.

However, even though many plants have stopped growing, it's actually a good time to start scattering seeds.

"We have everything from evergreens to disiduous trees, shrubs, flowers, perenials, we do annuals. Just a little bit of everything," Lou Stephan said.

Stephan loves to landscape, and every fall, he and his wife go shopping for plants.

"Most of the planting that we do are in the fall. The experts tell you that's the best time to be planting especially your trees," Stephan said.

And gardening expert Dave Fleming explains why.

"It's what's growing down below the plant that's more important than what's up top; establishing roots for next year, so now's an excellent time. There's less stress on the plants," Fleming said.

But just because it's in with the new, Stephan is making sure not to say out with the old.

"There's a few we bring inside, habiscus. We have a couple that we bring inside before the frost comes," Stephan said.

But Fleming says even a frost won't kill the plants; just put them to sleep.

"Even if a hard freeze occurs, that's a normal process for them and they'll rebound quite nicely for next year and it's just part of the cycle of the plant to keep on growing year after year," Fleming said.

A cycle that makes Stephan's lawn and garden grow year after year as well.

If you do plan on covering any plants, Fleming says be sure to use cloth and not plastic.

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