32nd Annual Shamrock Classic For Cancer

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People from across the valley made their way to the campus of Marietta College running and walking for a good cause.

It's all part of the 32nd annual Shamrock Classic For Breast Cancer.

For the race director, Dr. Bret Frye, this event hits close to home.

He is doing this to honor his first wife who died of breast cancer.

"We are using the proceeds for the Leslie Frye Living With Cancer Fund. This is a fund we will use to finance vacations for women with cancer," says Dr. Frye.

This 5k run and walk is a time to give back to women with cancer..women right here in our community.

"It is something that we're going to do as a cycle of giving. people will receive the gift and when they come back next year, we would like the recipients to help plan a vacation for another cancer survivor or somebody going through treatment," added Dr. Frye.

Those participating not only enjoy being in the race but also helping in the fight against cancer.

"Shamrock Classic is a great cause. Doctor John and Bret Frye are great friends of mine. Basically, a great charity to support. I live here in downtown Marietta. so I try to support this race every year," replied Ryan Birge.

"We were really excited. This is our first walk and we were excited, really pumped. it's something we've been wanting to do for a long time and we just came out and did it," Farrah Bayles said.

An experience providing a future where everyone comes out a winner over cancer.

"People really like this race because they get to go out and back. So they're high fiving when they pass each other, everybody knows each other. it's a very tight community of runners anywhere in the Mid Ohio Valley," says Dr. Frye.

Over 400 people participated in this year's Shamrock Classic For Cancer.

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