Voters Meet Candidates

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Every day you see commercials and drive-by signs for candidates, but it's not very often you get to actually meet the people running for office.

Thursday morning there was a "meet the candidates" breakfast, where that's exactly what people in Washington County did.

With election day approaching quickly, state and local candidates in Ohio are hot on the campaign trail, and made an early morning stop in Marietta.

"You read about them in the paper, but you don't often get a chance to actually meet them, talk to them, and it's also a way of seeing rather than a debate, a comparative voice of ideas," Clinton Holley, who attended the breakfast, said.

So one by one, each candidate had the opportunity to share their ideas.

"It's very different to hear the candidates speak than to just get their information in the mail, and you get some real answers," Carolyn Dempsey, who was at the event, said.

And Sherri Becker, who was also at the event, knew just what answers she wanted to hear.

"There wasn't a lot of detail, but I think that everyone is very much aware that in order for Ohio and the U.S. To remain strong or strengthen their work force, education's a key part of that," Becker said.

And these local voters know what to look for.

"One of the things that you get to see is how they respond under pressure. The job is full of pressure," Holley said.

Easing the pressure for voters when they go to the polls.

"I learned a few things today, which really surprised me. Now I'll do a little research and it will help me on November 4th make the right decision," Becker said.

And each of these candidates hopes that means a check by their names on the ballot.

Twelve candidates spoke at this event, which took place at the Marietta Country Club.

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