Election Eve in Washington County

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Folks all across the nation are getting ready for the big day.

For many areas, Monday was the last day of early voting before Tuesday's general election.

The Washington County Courthouse was crowded Monday with Board of Election officials and some last minute early voters.

"I figured tomorrow would be a lot more difficult to stand in line, so we decided to go ahead and do it today," Debbie Hansis, a voter, said.

Hansis waited patiently in a crowded courthouse for the opportunity to cast her ballot.

"We're still very busy today. We had people waiting for us when the door opened at 8:00 this morning and we've had a line in the hallway the entire day," Peggy Byers, Washington County Board of Elections Director, said.

Byers says she expects tomorrow's lines to be even longer.

"If the office is any indication, we're expecting super turnouts and we've alerted our poll workers to be prepared for that," Byers said.

By bringing their daughter Emma with them, Rob and Kris Hess are making voting a family outing.

"You have the right to vote and choose the candidates you want, and we really feel that you should use that right and vote for who you want, and we really feel it's necessary to be out voting today," Rob said.

"And vote for your kids," Kris said.

But that's not the only reason to vote. Hansis says being able to exercise such a right, makes any long line worth the wait.

"It's a right that especially women have worked hard to get and it's an honor to be able to vote," Hansis said.

An honor to have a voice, and a privilege to make it heard.

Byers says she's expecting a record number of of those voices in this particular election.

Everything is set for Tuesday as far as voting machines and ballots go.

Election officials say all the need now if for voters to show up and have their id's with them.

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