Washington County Commissioner Races

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The race for two of the three county commissioners in Washington County, OH was quite the contest on election day.

"I'm just tickled to death," republican Steven Weber said.

Weber said he was pleasantly surprised when he saw that he won a spot as a county commissioner by more than 2,000 votes.

"It's a great relief to get this done. It's been a hard, hard campaign. Everybody worked hard," he said.

And that's including democrat Cora Marshall who will be joining Weber in early January as another county commissioner.

"We want to have a more open and transparent government where the citizens will feel comfortable," Marshall said.

And they say they won't let their differences in parties affect their work.

"We'll work together. I know Cora very well and she's a fine lady, so there shouldn't be any problems at all," Weber said.

So after months of hitting the campaign trail, Weber and Marshall are now preparing for an even bigger job.

Weber's term is set to start January 2nd, while Marshall will begin the next day on January 3rd.

They will be working along with republican Sam Cook.

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