An Historic Election

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After weeks of voting, the ballots have been counted and the results are in, and the people of the United States watched history happen right before their eyes.

"It's over-the-top. I never thought I'd live to see a black man elected as the president of the United States, and I probably haven't completely wrapped my mind around all of it," Henry Burke, a local historian, said.

Burke has had the opportunity to meet and speak with the president elect. Obama campaigned in Nelsonville back in March, and Burke was honored to be one of the few supporters joining him on stage.

"It hadn't completely sunk in that this guy was probably gonna be the next president of the United States," he said.

And some local people agree that Barack Obama is the man for the job.

"I think we need a change, and let's just see what he can do," Joann Roberts from Parkersburg said.

"Maybe one day we'll get away from whether someone's African American or just American," John McQueen from Parkersburg said.

And in just a few months Obama will bring his desire for change to the oval office.

Obama will be inaugurated into office January 20th.

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