Post Election

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Now that elections are over, Board of Election officials can finally take a break.

After more than a month of ballots being cast, the results are in.

Officials will have to wait about 10 days to get the official results, but they say the hard part is over.

Officials in Washington County say even though everything ran smoothly, they're glad to have a break.

"I'm tired. It was a long process. We started early voting about 35 days prior to the election and it was very busy," Tara Hupp, Deputy Director of the Washington County Board of Elections, said.

Hupp also says Washington County didn't receive the record number of voters that they were expecting, but it was still high with more than a 70 percent turnout.

Across the river, Wood County County Clerk Jamie Six said everything went well for them also, with nothing worse than a paper jam.

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