Home for the Holiday Season

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It's never easy for a parent who has a child in the military, especially with the holiday season approaching.

So a local woman who's currently in Kuwait with the U.S. Air Force, sent her mom an early present.

"It says, 'to mom, from your daughter, serving proudly.,'" Kim Thompson, the mother of Senior Airman Arika Moat, said.

Thompson said one of the toughest times as a mother was sending her daughter off to war.

"It was emotional because you just wonder, 'are they coming home?'"

This is Arika's second tour overseas, and with the holiday season right around the corner, she decided to send her mom an early present.

It was when watching a slide show with the song "Mama I'm comin' home" that Thompson realized just what that present is.

"I was on the phone with her when I watched it. I cried like a baby," Thompson said.

And that's exactly what her baby was expecting.

"I think it'll be memorable for both of us; the pictures and everything, and the music to go along with it, just letting her know that I'm coming home soon," Moat said.

Thompson loves looking at pictures of her daughter, but it was the music behind them that really got to her.

"That was the icing on the cake. That's what made me cry and she told me then that she would be coming home," Thompson said.

Making the phrase "home is where your mom is," mean that much more.

Thompson is expecting Moat's arrival November 25th.

Moat will have 15 days at home before heading back overseas.

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