Memoirs of A Grieving Marine's Mom

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Veterans Day is a day of celebration, but for some it can be a difficult reminder of loved ones who have past on.

For author Bonnie Kibble it is a mix of those emotions. Her son Casey, a Marine stationed in Italy, died only two days after Christmas in 2001 in an accident on the base.

Casey was the youngest of four kids and the only boy. He was his mom's sweetheart and his dad's best friend.

But his legacy lives on in his mom's recently released book chronicling her struggle through the grief and her ultimate celebration the gift of his life.

"Well my daughter gave me a journal when Casey was killed, and she said mom, just write down your feelings. And so every day I wrote down the emotions I was going through, and as the first year progressed, I realized, wow, this is getting really lengthy," says Bonnie, of the decision to turn her journals into a book.

In the book, titled "It's O.K., Jesus Loves You," you'll find excerpts of Bonnie's journals after Casey's death, essays written by Casey while in Italy and photos of him with his family and friends, plus some of Bonnie's favorite memories of her son.

The book is available at

Bonnie is a former teacher who lives in Little Hocking, Ohio.

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