Man Sentenced to 38 years in Prison

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A man who was arrested after an all-night standoff and shooting spree in April was sentenced Tuesday morning in court.

All seats were full in Judge Ed Lane's courtroom as people waited to hear the fate of one man.

"That's a long time and he's a young person, and when he gets out he'll be a very old man," Ray Smith, the defense attorney, said.

That's because Jason Berecz is set to spend the next 38 years in prison. It all started seven months ago when Berecz held authorities on an all night standoff and shooting spree, in which Sergeant Scott Parks suffered a bullet wound to his head.

"He's been very worried about it, very concerned, very remorseful for the whole situation," Smith said.

But for Parks, the remorse can't change what happened, even after hearing and accepting Berecz's apology in court, Parks said he's satisfied with the final outcome.

"You do certain things in this world and apologize and it's gonna be okay, but then there's other things that you do, there's gonna be a price to pay, and I think that's what happened today," Parks said.

And what happened Tuesday was justice for Parks, but for Berecz, it means most of his adult life will be spent behind bars.

Smith said Berecz does plan to appeal Tuesday's sentencing.

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