Auto Industry Problems Hit Close to Home

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With talks of bailouts, car dealerships across the nation are seeing significant drops in auto sales, and our area is no different.

It's affecting local dealerships and could possibly impact other businesses in the region.

"We're just getting ready to take it around the block and see how it does," Brenda Webb said.

Webb is in the market for a new car, and isn't allowing fear of companies going under to get in her way.

"That's kind of why we're out here in this weather. They told us it was a good time to buy," Webb said.

According to Sales Manager Mike Foster, the auto industry is currently a buyers market, and even in a worst case scenario, the buyers are safe.

"Ford, GM and Dodge, the warranty is a commitment that's going to be there. The dealers are going to be there to support the people," Foster said.

Terri Sullivan sells cars for a living, but says her job is as secure as anybodies.

"I think everyone who's getting up in America today is worried about their job when they go to work, but it's just a matter of having faith and doing the best you can with what you have to work with when you come into work."

Tough times in the auto industry doesn't just affect people trying to sale the cars, it could ultimately have an affect on many jobs in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

"It's not just the car dealership. It's all consumers out there that work at these major plants wanting to buy the car that the very plant they work for supplies their income, so it's a huge affect on everybody," Foster said.

So for consumers like Webb, it's not just about getting a good buy.

"Everything is made overseas and outsourced and whatever, so we try to do our best that we can buy U.S.A.," Webb said.

It's also about helping drive a nation in the right direction.

The government has not agreed on any bailout plans at this point.

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