Benefit Raises Money for Family's Medical Bills

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Cancer is something that affects more than just the person dealing with it. It impacts family, friends and entire communities.

Now, a local community is coming together to help a little girl in a big way.

Holy Smokes Barbecue was packed Sunday with hundreds of people, and an endless supply of support.

"Washington County and the city of Marietta has really grabbed a hold of this with their hearts and their wallets," Steve Medley, the event's chair person, said.

And it's all for two-year-old Bridget Crock who's diagnosed with Pleuropulmonary Blastoma, a form of lung cancer so rare, it only occurs in 10 to 20 children in North America each year; making this a tough time for the Crock family.

"With this being such a rare form of cancer that she needs very specialized treatment. I have medical insurance, but it only covers up to so much," Bob Crock, Bridget's dad, said.

So the local Lions Club is using this benefit dinner and auction to help ease the family's pain and purse strings.

"I saw the first sign on my way here and tears came to my eyes. It's gonna be a struggle today to just not lose it," Nancy Arthur, Bridget's grandmother, said.

Even though Bob Crock appreciates every penny, he knows this event would impress his little girl the most.

"Her favorite saying is 'oh wow,' so I'm sure if she saw this, she'd definitely be going 'oh wow," he said.

But no matter how much money the event brings in, Bridget's family says it's encouragement from their community that's the real ticket to Bridget's healthy future.

At least 1,000 $10 tickets were sold for the benefit.

Raffles, sales and auctions also brought in money to help pay for Bridget's medical bills, but no word yet on just how much that was.

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