Local Terrorism at Work?

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The Sheriff's department was hard at work Tuesday tracking disposable cellphones.

Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks says stores have seen an increase in people buying as many of these phones as possible.

Tuesday, two young men were pulled over after buying several of the phones from a Marietta business.

Police searched their car and found several thousand dollars in cash.

Sheriff Mincks says the phones could be used for something terrorist-related.

"We have been coordinating our activities with people in WV, we have been in contact with Homeland Security as well as the FBI. Basically what they are doing is not illegal, but we are just monitoring their activities," he says.

Both of the men were arrested for lying to police.

Sheriff Mincks says the men say they were buying the phones for someone in Michigan, who was paying them for each phone.

The sheriff also says the final destination might have been overseas.