Ohio Temporary License Changes

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If you plan on getting a temporary driving permit in Ohio anytime after Monday Dec. 15, you may need to know about some changes in the process.

The new procedure will require customers to take the knowledge test before purchasing a temporary packet.

A temporary photo will also be taken at this time and customers must show two acceptable documents before taking the test.

Officials at the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles say there are several reasons for these changes.

"We're implementing these changes to reduce paper use and to increase efficiency, but also to ensure that the person taking the knowledge test, the skills test, is the person receiving the license, that they're the same person," Lindsey Bohrer, with the Ohio BMV, said.

Starting Monday the BMV will have a list of steps on their Web site, http://bmv.ohio.gov.

You can also get their by clicking out our hot button.

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