Christmas Controversy

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The sounds of Christmas usually bring joy during the holiday season, but one neighborhood is calling it a distraction.

Christmas lights and music are two symbols of the holiday season, but the neighbors of a house in Marietta say it's gone a little too far.

"It's pretty much like whatever you're thinking about just stops because you can't pay attention to what you're thinking about. All you can concentrate on are these flashing lights and loud music," Aaron Reynolds, a neighbor, said.

But the two men who own the house say they're just trying to spread a little Christmas spirit.

"I personally enjoy the holidays. I love everything about it, especially decorating, and it frustrates me, to share it with other people in the neighborhood that anyone would have a problem with it and constantly be turning us into the law for it when we've been in full compliance with what the officers have told us," Ben Fair, an owner of the house, said.

And after five visits from the police, which resulted in only one warning, Keegan Hade, who spends much of his time next door, decided to take matters into his own hands.

"I just got up and walked out of the house and went straight over there and knocked on the door, asked them if they could turn it down," Hade said.

"We are allowed to at a reasonable level to leave the music on until 11 o'clock," Fair said.

And that's just what they're doing.

"We just love it. We think it adds so much to the neighborhood. It's so festive and exciting when you come over here," Paula Oates, another neighbor, said.

A home of holiday decorations that's lighting the way for a controvercial christmas.

Now the Christmas music accompanying these lights must follow a noise ordinance in Marietta, but officers say the owners of the house are following it.

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