Neighbors Lend a Hand to Couple that Loses Home to Fire

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A couple from Little Hocking is without a home after a fire ripped through their house, taking the entire structure down.

Firefighters with the Little Hocking Fire Department said it happened Monday around 9:30 a.m.

They say they believe it started in the garage, and it didn't take long for it to sweep through the rest of the house.

"You could see the smoke coming up and we thought it was our house after we got closer, and as we got up the road it was obvious it was their house," Chuck Ray, a neighbor, said.

Chuck Ray couldn't believe his eyes when he returned home from dropping his kids off at school, to find his next-door-neighbors' house in flames, and after a second of shock, it didn't take long for his neighborly instincts to kick in.

"I was trying to get Donnie, which is the homeowner, tried to get him away from it, tried to get him settled down a little bit because he was pretty frantic," Ray said.

Frantic because of a fire he couldn't control on his own.

"The owner was home. He was inside the house, smelled smoke and when he got to the garage area his truck was pretty much engulfed in flames," Mike Chevalier, Little Hocking Fire Chief, said.

Now neighbors say it's their responsibility to step in and lend a hand.

"We're taking a neighborhood fund up to collect money and clothing and whatever we can to help them out," Ray said.

A couple that lost their house and all their possessions is now relying on the kindness of others to get them through the holidays.

Firefighters say Donald Potts, the owner of the house was home alone when the fire started, and neighbors say his wife Cathy arrived shortly after.

Four different fire departments were on the scene today; including Coolville, Dunham, Barlow and Little Hocking.

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