A Little Help for the Holidays

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The faces of many children will light up Christmas morning when they unwrap a new toy, and because of the Salvation Army, many children who may have missed out on that experience, can now expect a special delivery.

"I don't think they realize how much we appreciate it. I hope they do," Wendy Barton, a recipient of the Salvation Army's Christmas Assistance program, said.

Barton picked up a box containing her Christmas dinner, and it's something she didn't expect to have to ask for.

"This is the first year in a long time. Sometimes you just need to let your pride go, no shame in it," she said.

And it's people like Barton who make the jobs of Salvation Army workers worth every minute.

"They're so grateful and that makes us feel good that it's now just 'oh i want, want, want.' They're very grateful for what they receive," Captain Lori Brown with the Salvation Army said.

"You ladies have a merry Christmas and thank you for all your help," Barton said as she was leaving.

Everything the Salvation Army is giving out was either donated or bought with donation money.

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