Last Minute Shoppers

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Christmas Eve is a busy day for procrastinating shoppers.

Wednesday, K-Mart was full of last minute shoppers rushing to find that perfect last minute gift.

Doddi Jones' shopping cart was packed with gifts for her family that they'll be receiving in less than 24 hours.

"It seems like you can always get things done at the very last minute because you know you have to get it done," Jones said.

But she isn't the only one stocking up at the last minute. There are some people that store employees say they always expect to see Christmas Eve.

"There's a lot of men shoppers and they wait until the last minute to do their Christmas shopping," Manager Jeanne Massey said.

These professional procrastinators know there's always the chance they'll leave empty handed.

"I'm very nervous because I'm worried about whether or not I'm gonna get the right thing or if I'll be able to find the stuff that I need," Donna Tagg, a last minute shopper, said.

"Just write them a little 'I owe you' and stick it in an envelope and put it underneath the Christmas tree. Sometimes that works," Jones said.

But fortunately she won't have to do that this year, and was able to make it to the check out line with everything she needed.

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