Shops Prepare for January Business Slump

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Local shop owners say December is a great business month, as holiday shoppers bring in the cash.

But now they're facing January, or what they call the worst month of the year for business.

The cash register at American Flags and Poles in Marietta has been opening and closing all season long, but shop owner Sylvi Caporale fears that come the new year, it won't be ringing up quite as many dollars.

"Usually it's slower in January and February, and we know with the economy turned down we could have potential very slow days," Caporale said.

After the holiday shopping rush and stores bringing in lots of cash, retailers are already preparing for the January slump by providing December shoppers with a little incentive like coupons for good deals during those months.

"I'm pretty much over-budgeted by the end of December," Nanci Bowen, a customer, said.

But even on a tight budget, shoppers like Bowen can't resist the temptation of a good bargain.

"This may help," Bowen said about the coupon. "I'm a coupon person, so this may help."

But not all stores can afford to slash prices and therefore are forced to take a different approach.

"We're trying to make as much money as we can in December," Asunta Damron, owner of My Favorite Things, said.

Getting every last drop out of the holiday shopping season, to store for a winter that may be bitter-sweet for local businesses.

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