Bowl Game Booms Business

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Hosting a bowl game is always good for the economy in the city where the game is played, But it can also help local businesses in areas where the teams' fans are.

Mountaineer fans packed into J.P. Henry's, a local bar and restaurant, to cheer on their team in the Meineke Car Care Bowl.

"We're from the Detroit area, but we come down here to watch the games because normally we can't get them up in Detroit, Mike Duskey, a Mountaineer fan, said.

But even if Duskey could watch the 'eers from Detroit, he said a bowl game isn't something he watches from his living room. To him and many other fans, it's all about the atmosphere.

"There's three things that never go out of style, and that's gourmet burgers, cold beer and mountaineer football," Co owner Bre Hughes said.

Hughes is a football fan herself, and a game like this one is really bringing in the bucks for her business.

"It's 200 percent. 200 percent different," she said.

But a motto that she and her employees stick to is, "it's not about the money."

"It's about the customers and making sure their happy, and if they are, yeah I'll probably get better tips and better money," Bobby Blankensob, an employee, said.

"It's a friendly atmosphere. It's good food, and look here....touchdown!....Alright, see that's what I'm talking about right there. Alright Mountaineers," Duskey said as the Mountaineers scored a touchdown.

Going to show that good food plus a good touch down equals happy customers, and more cash in the register.

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