Marietta River Trail to Expand in '09

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City officials in Marietta say the city's budget is set and they're ready to take on new projects.

"It's nice. It's healthy. It's a good thing," Renee Borman, a Marietta resident, said about the River Trail.

Borman says she loves exercising and that the River Trail, a biking and walking path in Marietta, is one of the city's greatest attractions.

"This city has done a fairly good job of spending money to things, recreational things, and I just think this is gonna be good for kids and everybody in the whole community," she said.

And so Borman agrees with the city's plan to use $200,000 and turn it into a million dollar project of expanding the trail by two miles.

"We're adding a great amenity for citizens and we're really using our local dollars to get a great deal of benefit," Mayor Michael Mullen said.

While some say expanding the trail is a good investment, others say they'd like to see the city spend that money in other places.

"A number of things in Marietta need to be fixed, and where as biking is nice, it's a question of priorities," Fred O'Neill, another Marietta resident, said.

And this new project is one priority that O'Neill doesn't put at the top of his list.

"We're in hard economic times, and they're gonna have to be a little more frugal about how they spend their money," he said.

Money from a budget a little tighter in 2009 than year's past.

This addition to the trail is just the second phase.

Mayor Mullen said the city will also plan phase three during 2009.

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