Travel Costs Drop in Recession

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It's that time of the year when people get tired of the cold temperatures and start planning winter vacations.

And during a recession you'd think traveling wouldn't be in many people's budget.

However, considerably lower sales in the traveling industry might make those winter getaways possible after all.

The Zimmer family is sick and tired of winter weather. So they're ready to pack their bags and head south.

"Planning on going down to Mexico to River Maya or take a cruise. We're trying to decide right now which one we'll take," David Zimmer said.

And with prices being a factor in that decision, they rely on Global Travel Agency for advice.

"The cruise industry right now has better prices than they've ever had," Larry Steinel, Global Travel owner, said.

But if that's still too much money to fork out, Steinel says Mexico might be the better option.

"It's nice and warm. It's fairly close by, therefore it's not breaking the bank," he said.

Closer to home, but still far enough away to escape the frigid conditions.

"It's cold. It snows. We just want to get somewhere warm and have some r and r," Zimmer said.

The travel industry does expect a small drop in 2009 leisure travel, but travel experts believe that because of the recession, airlines and hotels will be forced to run many sales.

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