Commissioners Start New Term

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If you think back to elections, you may recall a tight race for two of the three Washington County commissioner spots.

Monday, the winners of those two seats met for the first time to discuss their new term.

Steven Weber and Cora Marshall are two new faces to the Washington County commission. After winning four-year terms last November, Marshall and Weber say they're ready to hit the ground running.

"We really need to work on the efficiency of government," Weber said.

And their main focus; the people of Washington County.

"They want open and transparent government. They would like to know what's going on," Marshall said.

And fortunately they don't have to do it alone.

"Sam of course has the experience, so we're gonna learn from him," Weber said.

Sam Cook is beginning his fourth term as county commissioner. Over the years, he says he's noticed a trend.

"The revenues are falling every year and expenses are going up and it takes sort of a magician to make all this fit," Cook said.

Hoping for magic, but accepting the reality of serving a county on a limited budget.

The commissioners say they have planned 12 projects for 2009 including finishing the Muskingum River project that will move Ohio State Route 60 to the other side of the river.

They also hope to raise other roads out of the flood plain.

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