Legacy Library Opens Monday

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Students at Marietta College will be returning to classes Monday, and they'll be coming back to a brand new library.

"We're trying to bring order out of chaos right now," Douglas Anderson, library director, said.

Anderson has been busy supervising, making sure every aspect of the new building is complete when the doors open Monday.

"We have numerous features that we can add to the educational experience for students," he said.

Highly equipped reference areas, student study lounges and the luxury of a cyber cafe, are just a few of the facility's services.

One of the more modern features about the library is that some of the shelves are movable and can be scrunched together, and that way there's room for growth and more books and be put on the shelf.

But even with newer more advanced shelves coming in, the shelves from the old library will continue to serve their purpose.

"We've got about 35,000 books and they're all in boxes because we had no shelves to put them on," Jim Ford, with the new Midvale Memorial Library in Norther Ohio, said.

So it's out with the old and in with the new, to allow students more comfort and resources for their studies.

One of the best parts for students is that they didn't have to spend a dime on the new library.

It was funded completely by donors.

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