Hospital Truce

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And you could say two area hospitals feuding over ambulance partnerships have called a truce.

Wood County commissioner Ken Merritt says sorting out the pros and cons of forming an ambulance authority was one of the hardest things he's had to do.

Saint Joseph’s Hospital announced last Wednesday it will sell off its ambulance services to General Ambulance.

Then Friday Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital was granted a court injunction to stop the sale until the plan could be further reviewed.

Now all commissioners agree nature should take its course, and tabled the formation of an ambulance authority.

Within hours of the decision, Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital announced it voluntarily dismissed its court action because Saint Joseph's Hospital said it is not going to sell its ambulances to General Ambulance.

Same staff, same service, same commitment is the slogan used by Saint Joseph's ambulance employees.

For now that slogan couldn’t be more true

Saint Joseph’s says it's business as usual, the hospital plans on selling its ambulance services to current employees.

Wood County commissioners scheduled a special meeting Monday afternoon about the ambulance controversy because of the overwhelming amount of concern they received from the community.