Teens Take on Crime

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Area teens take on crime, and nab a suspected criminal.

A parent takes pride in his or her child for the littlest things.

But a few skateboarding teens and a couple of bag boys are being praised for helping police nab a purse-snatcher outside an area grocery store.

Police say around 6:30 p.m. Monday a 72-year-old woman had her purse yanked from her arm outside the Goodland Grocery store on 13th and Plum.

A group of teen-agers and Foodland employees say they saw the whole thing unfold, and decided to go after the alleged purse snatcher.

They cornered him in a nearby bush.

The alleged mugging suspect is a teen-ager himself.

Detective Moody says he's being held in juvenile detention awaiting a court hearing.

The elderly woman is recovering after being shaken up by the entire incident.