Eramet Marietta Plans Layoffs

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The state of the economy is forcing another area plant to reduce its workforce.

Eramet in Marietta announced employee layoffs Thursday and will continue doing so Friday.

"The company has decided to reduce its workforce by 110 employees," Joy Frank-Collins, Eramet spokesperson, said.

It's a solution to a problem that can't be avoided.

"The unfortunate reality of how bad this economic situation is that if we did not make these workforce reductions now, we might not be able to survive this downturn in the economy," Frank-Collins said.

Eramet isn't the only company being forced to layoff employees. In fact, workers everywhere are voicing their concerns, and if you really want to hear what they're saying, just ask your local barber.

Jeremy Barton does more than cut hair. He also listens to the problems of many customers, and the shop's hot topic right now is jobs, or the lack of.

"Everybody's really worried. You got so many of these local plants you know," Barton said.

So as unemployed people use a good hair cut to blow off some steam, Eramet officials are doing what they can to help their current employees find new jobs.

"We'll offer employees tips on job searches, assistance in looking for jobs, creating new resumes, exploring new career opportunities," Frank-Collins said.

Opportunities that in today's economy may be few and far between.

It is unknown at this time which employees will be laid off, and the cuts won't be made until March.

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