Richard Poore Sentenced to Life in Prison

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A Pleasants County man convicted of murdering his young son more than 25 years ago learned his fate in court Tuesday morning.

Richard Poore will now spend the rest of his life in prison.

It was a bitter sweet moment for the family of Richard (Ricky) Poore Jr.

"We always knew what happened to Ricky, we just never had anybody to stand up for us," Heather Dunn, Ricky's sister, said.

Dunn was still a little girl when her baby brother, Ricky Jr. died.

Now, the man she and many other family members believe to be responsible is paying the time.

"It's a week away from his 28th birthday, and it makes it so much easier this year knowing that finally somebody took the time to care to do what somebody needed to do back all that time," Jeri Williams, Ricky's mother, said.

Three decades later, Richard Poore, has been found guilty of killing his son and is sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison, but as for the rest of Ricky's family, they want to make sure the little boy who never celebrated his first birthday, will also never be forgotten.

"I just wanted to make him real, not about attacking Rick, but just letting people know that Ricky was real. He was beautiful. He was just precious," Dunn said about a statement she made about Ricky in the courtroom.

And as for Williams, losing a child isn't something easy to forgive, but she says she knows someone who will.

"I hope Rick talks to God, because I hope he gets to see Ricky again someday and tell him that's he's sorry," Williams said.

Poore will serve his sentence with no chance of parole.

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