Family Hoping for Return of Missing Man

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The family of a missing man is waiting for their loved one to return home, while crews continue to search for 82-year-old Donald Rapson.

"We knew that as soon as he was gone, he was gone. We knew he had taken off," Rapson's son, Ernie Rapson, said.

Ernie Rapson last saw his father Tuesday. That's when he and the rest of his family discovered that Rapson, who has alzeimers, had left. So they immediately called police.

"Their family's try to give them as much freedom as they can. Sometimes they'll walk out of house and be on foot, and sometimes they'll get in the vehicle and go," Detective Robert Black with the Parkersburg Police Dept. said.

Which is exactly what Rapson did.

"We think he was probably trying to go home to Michigan, and he went up Route 2," Ernie Rapson said.

But on his way, Rapson veered off course on a back road in Wetzel county, where authorities found his car, but Rapson wasn't in it.

"He had a hat, and coat and gloves, but nothing like what you need in this weather," Ernie Rapson said.

And so they say all they can do now is pray and hope.

"All those out there searching, we thank them for all their work," Madelyn Rapson, Donald's wife, said.

Wood and Wetzel County Sheriff's Departments are still searching on ground and in the air.

Anyone who has seen Mr. Rapson or may know where he is, is asked to call the Parkersburg Police Department at 424-8444

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