Season's Flu Shots Two-Thirds Effective

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Every year people get a flu shot in hopes that it will protect them from influenza, but this year, it isn't completely effective.

Officials at the Washington County Health Department tell us there are three strains used in a flu shot to fight against viruses, but one of them isn't working because of a mismatch.

However, they say if you have received a flu shot this year, your odds of not getting a virus are still good.

"Having the vaccine can protect you better than going it alone without the vaccine, so two-thirds, 60 percent, we've matched it that far this year," Valerie Betkoski, director of nursing at the Washington County Health Department, said.

Betkoski also says the virus that isn't protected by the vaccine is not affecting people in the area, and that it is still beneficial to get a flu shot.

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