Achieving the "Dream"

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People across the nation are celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's birthday, which for many, holds even more importance this year.

The famous words of Dr. King's "I have a dream" speech continue to echo across the nation more than 45 years after they were spoken.

"Dr. King and Obama are great men. We must be aware of that," Paul James, director of diversity affairs at Baldwin-Wallace College, said.

Two great men from two generations with one goal: equality.

"Have we arrived? No. Are we better than we were 200 years ago? Absolutely," James said.

Many agree that Dr. King's dream hasn't yet been completely achieved.

"Until we stop looking at color or creed or shape or size, that dream's not going to be fully realized, but I think this is definitely a move in the right direction," Amanda Haney-Cech with the Marietta College Academic Resource Center said.

"We're still fighting the fight, and I feel that Barack Obama is the next step to fulfill this dream," Justin Floyd, a student, said.

A step that will be taken Tuesday as the President elect is inaugurated into office.

"He has an uphill climb to trek so to speak, but I think he's up to the task," James said.

Hoping to make one man's dream, a nation's reality.

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