Learning about the Inauguration at an Early Age

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As President Barack Obama spoke of his plans for the nation, including education, those receiving that education tuned in.

Students in Susan Cosper's kindergarten class at St. Marys Elementary say they really enjoyed watching the inauguration.

"I'd rather watch this than do math," Reagan Williams, a student, said.

So math may not be these kid's favorite subject, but many of them do enjoy learning the election process. In fact the entire school had its own presidential election back in November.

"We want to encourage them at a young age to start being a good citizen, and understand that as they get older that means they have a right and a responsibility to vote, and this is the result of what happens when you vote," Cosper said.

And moving upstairs to a fourth grade classroom, students understand that history is unfolding right before their eyes.

"He's an African American and he's our first one to be president," Braden Barnhart, a student, said.

Something their children and many generations to come will read in history books.

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