Inauguration from an International Perspective

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People everywhere tuned in Tuesday as President Barack Obama gave his inaugural speech.

This includes those who aren't even from the United States.

"The people aren't' as involved as in the United States," Toka Akiyma said about her home country of Japan.

Akiyma is an international student at Marietta College who enjoys the freedom of a democracy. And the swearing in of President Barack Obama was something she said she couldn't miss.

"Having a first bi-racial president is something that America needs to be proud of, because in the world there are so many countries that doesn't have the right," she said.

Akiyma wasn't the only international student glued to the TV during the inauguration. In fact, professors encouraged all international students to watch the historic event.

"I told them if they watched it they could write about it in their journals, because this is something that they can show their grandchildren, and they can say 'I was in America on the day Barack Obama became president,'" Jamie Rees-Miller, who teaches English as a second language to international students, said.

"It's a very historical moment, and people should be proud that America made that step forward," Akiyma said.

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