New Operations Set for Sheriff's Dept.

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The new command structure for the Wood County Sheriff's Department is officially in place.

The four operation groups are public safety, administrative, confinement and tax.

However, the one that will really begin benefiting citizens right away is the new tax operations.

"They will not have to go through secured doors, and they can come straight into the facility," Dennie Huggins, Chief Tax Deputy, said.

Huggins manages the Wood County tax department. This office is non-stop work, and now, it has even more to offer.

"Information, photographs or anything; we can do it right here, right down to the signature on their concealed weapons permit," Huggins said.

The Wood County Sheriff's Department is making it easy on residents hoping to get a concealed weapons permit, fingerprints or an accident report. Now, instead of going through all the security at the sheriff's office, they can just go to the tax department.

"The number one issue is convenience. At the tax office you have a better facility. There's more places to sit," Wood County Sheriff Jeff Sandy said.

And the biggest convenience is the increased hours, going from two days a week to five, and also staying open the entire day with no breaks.

"There will not be anyone left out in the cold during lunch," Huggins said.

Giving people the comfort of doing business on their own time.

The tax department is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Another big change is happening in the Holding Center.

Wood County Sheriff Jeff Sandy says the Holding Center is now combining with Home Confinement as a way to make both operations run more efficiently.

A central processing room is also in the works so that agencies can us intoxometers, do fingerprints and take photos all in one place.

"It makes it more efficient. They'll be able to come in, get their people processed in and leave, get back out on the road," Ronald Catlett, Administrator of Confinement Operations, said.

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