Financial Frustration in Marriages

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Tough economic times are taking a toll on the mental and emotional aspects of life, and financial frustrations in marriages may lead to more divorces.

"They charge the credit cards up again, and boom, they don't get along. They wind up separating," William Adams, an attorney, said.

Adams deals with many divorces, and says the majority of them are caused by financial problems.

"It's always come down to people living slightly beyond their means, and eventually that catches up with them and that causes a lot of stress," Williams said.

During tough economic times many couples may feel as though a divorce is the only way out, but there are some other options.

Economics Professor, Dr. Jacqueline Khorassanie, said there are a variety of ways for families to cut costs.

"Pennies add up at the end of the month or end of the year," Khorassanie said.

Dr. Khorassanie suggests turning off computers and lights when not in use, turning down the heat and not wasting food.

There are also some bigger steps people can take.

"This is a good time to think about, "okay, well maybe I can start that other business. Maybe I can take a chance. I don't have much to lose,'" Khorassanie said.

Just a few ways to save some cash that might just save a marriage as well.

Adams also said the economy also has the reverse effect on divorces, when couples want out of a marriage but simply can't afford it.

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