Working in Winter Weather

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Even though schools were closed Tuesday, that layer of snow caused some folks to work that much harder.

The streets may have been covered in snow and ice, but for those who work year after year in these types of conditions say as long as they're careful, it's really not too bad.

"You get to go outside basically all day if you want. It's awesome," Branden Tyree, a student sleigh riding, said.

But for others, the more winter weather, the more work.

Thomas Wendelken delivers pizza and actually enjoys working in the snow.

"Days like this is good for business, good for tips. People don't wanna go out of their houses, so we'll go there," Wendelken said.

Making that extra cash is high on the priority list, but safety always comes first.

"As long as you stay slow and keep your traction, it's alright," Wendelken said.

And no matter how much snow covers the ground, you can always count on the mail making it to your box safe and sound.

"Rain, snow, sleet; the mail must go through," Michael Harper, a letter carrier, said.

And after working in these conditions for many years, Harper says he's used to it.

"By the end of the day, you're kind of tired of trudging through the snow, but it's always pretty when you first come out in a winter wonderland."

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