Ohio Governor Ted Strickland Gives State Of The State Address

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Columbus, Ohio (AP) -- Gov. Ted Strickland says his upcoming budget will not raise taxes on Ohioans.

Strickland said in his State of the State speech Wednesday that agencies will face big reductions and that spending will decrease by $3.2 billion.

Strickland also said his budget plan for the next two years will continue a tuition freeze at community colleges and regional campuses of four-year universities.

He's also calling for a continued tuition freeze at four-year universities in 2010 and a low increase in 2011.

Gov. Strickland says his upcoming budget will boost the state's share of education funding to nearly 60 percent of schools' cost.

Strickland says his plan lowers what taxpayers are expected to contribute to their local schools.

Strickland also says he's proposing an expansion of the school year by 20 days to an average of 200 days.

The state will also require universal all-day kindergarten and is scrapping the ohio graduation test and replace it with the act college entrance test.

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