The Effect of Winter Weather

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Rain, snow and a lot of ice; that's what folks in the Mid-Ohio Valley dealt with all day Wednesday.

That winter weather affected people in more ways than one.

The Richards family in Marietta is one of thousands dealing with a power outage.

Fortunately the heat from their gas stove is keeping the house nice and warm, but with a new addition to the family just days away, Alysa Richards is hoping for electricity and better road conditions.

"We're having a baby on the third. I hope it clears up by then. I'll have to go to the hospital," Alysa said.

The ice and snow is affecting more than electricity. In fact, the weather outside one house gave the family inside quite a scare.

"All the sudden I hear this big crash up against my window, and I open my window and there's this big tree," Megan Wilson, a Marietta resident, said.

A tree covered in ice, making the impact that much louder.

"It sounded like a train going through the side of my house," Max Lassiter said.

"It was scary. I felt like my room was just gonna cave in," Wilson said.

Winter weather that's leaving some in the dark, and others with a big mess to clean up.

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