Gov. Wise Issues a State of Emergency in Wood County

Storm Damage
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The National Weather Service confirms a tornado touched down in the Wood County community of Lubeck.

The tornado had winds between 125 and 150 miles per hour, making it an F-2 on the Fujita scale, with F-5 being the most powerful.

Meteorologist John Victory says the tornado cut a quarter-mile wide path at least five miles long. At least 30 homes in the area suffered damage from winds and rains.

Victory says it's unusual to see a tornado this strong in West Virginia.

The tornado was part of a storm system that left thousands without electricity statewide.

Gov. Wise issued a state of emergency in Wood County, along with Doddridge, Harrison, Jackson, Monongalia, Nicholas, Preston, Ritchie, and Wetzel counties.

The state of emergency allows utility crews to work overtime and empowers the state do emergency contracting and transfer material and resources when needed.

The governor also has asked President Bush to add Monongalia County to a 10-county federal disaster declaration made recently.