Power Crews Work to Restore Power

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Power is back on Friday night for many folks in the Mid-Ohio valley, but there are still more than a thousand people living without electricity.

Crews are working diligently to restore that power as quickly as possible.

"Trying to just figure out when the power's coming back on," Keith Worstell, a Washington County resident, said.

Worstell has been living without electricity for days. So when he looked out his window and saw power crews, his curiosity couldn't keep him inside.

"We gotta try and get this wire back up through the trees. They're laying all over. That's probably the hardest part," Albert Schonauer, a Cooperative Electric employee, said.

Not only a difficult task, but a time consuming one too.

"We tell them we're trying the best we can. We're from out of town. We're from up north, and we didn't get hit quite as bad," Schonauer said.

Crews from all over the state of Ohio are in the area trying to restore power, but for folks without electricity, the most difficult part is patience.

"I just wish they'd get done quicker. That's hard for them though," Worstell said.

Being as patient as possible for the lights to come back on.

Officials at Washington Electric Cooperative say they hope to have all power back on within the next couple of days.

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