Slick Roads Blamed for School Bus Accident

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Even with much of the recent snowfall melting away, the icy conditions are still causing problems on the road.

Now, authorities are blaming those slick conditions for an accident involving a school bus full of students.

The news of the accident on a slippery road didn't take long to sweep across town.

So when Jessica Riley who has an eight-year-old kid, heard about a school bus accident that sent one student to the hospital, she decided to take her daughter to school herself.

"Sometimes it kind of makes you sit back as a parent and think, 'can you safely put your child on a bus and then trust the schools that they made the right decision,'" Riley said.

A decision that Marietta Schools' Transportation Manager, David Davis, helps make anytime there's a question of whether or not to have school.

"We can't cancel school every day. We've been on a lot of two hour delays, and we should probably expect some more two hour delays," Davis said.

About 1,500 students just in the Marietta District ride a school bus each day, and the main goal is to make sure they all get off the bus safely.

"They all love kids or they just couldn't do that job. They just couldn't do it without loving kids," Davis said. "Every morning when it's like this, just slow down and take your time. I'd rather have you late than have a problem."

As for Riley, it's not that she doesn't trust the drivers. It's just that when it comes to her child on riding on slick roads, she trusts herself more.

"I'd rather sit with my daughter in a vehicle that's zero degrees than have her get on a bus when there's multiple slick spots on the roads," Riley said.

Those riding on that bus were a combination of middle school and high school students.

Officials say the driver of the pickup truck was cited at the scene.

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