Job Outlook for College Seniors

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With so many people losing jobs and employment rates down, college seniors are concerned about finding careers after graduation.

Hilles Hughes is the director of Career Services at Marietta College. She says the job market is tough to break into, and her best advice for students is to start building relationships with employers.

"You can't beat the handshake and the face to face presence," Hughes said.

And students understand that in tough times, getting a job isn't an easy task.

"It's scary," Scott Dettra, a senior, said.

"It'd be nice to graduate and know what's ahead," Shauna Payne, another senior, said.

But fortunately, college seniors like Payne and Dettra say there's always plan B to back home.

"He's just like if you need time, you have a roof over your head when your done and food on the table, so take as long as you need. So, that's reassuring," Payne said.

"I already plan on living with them for a year or two, trying to pay off my college debt," Dettra said.

Even with employment rates down, there are still some open doors for students on the job hunt, and their lack of career experience could actually be a good thing.

"They can negotiate an entry level job better than somebody who's been laid off who has a lot of experience, because the concern is they'd have to pay that person more money," Hughes said.

Money that college students say may not be easy to find.

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