Former Commissioners Searched for Missing Files

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The possibility of missing files from the Washington County Commissioners' Office has Sheriff's deputies searching the homes of two former commissioners.

"It was very degrading, and I was quite upset," John Grimes, a former commissioner, said about the search.

After the hard-drives of several county-owned computers showed up empty, deputies are now looking to Grimes for the missing files.

"The items that we searched for today were items that the present county commissioners need for their day to day operations, and the information that was taken hindered them from doing their jobs since they have now been elected officials in Washington County," Lieutenant Brian Schuck said.

Deputies are also looking through the items of former commissioner Larry Steinel. Steinel hasn't been available for comment, but Grimes said they did have their computers scrubbed before leaving office.

"Perhaps removing everything was not the right thing to do, but nothing was taken, nothing was removed that would have been any benefit to the incoming commissioners," Grimes said.

Grimes also said he had saved files on a couple of thumb drives, but claims that any information he has, is either private e-mails or public records.

The next step for the sheriff's office is to review any documents obtained during the searches.

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